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My name is Álvaro and I’m art director and UI designer.

After a few years in advertising, I’ve decided gain knowledge on the app world and currently I’m working as UI Designer.

I’ve developed my work at several advertising agencies, from the concept to the final art: on/off, public and private clients and new business area.?I’ve worked for many different sectors, from the government advertising communication to retail consumer brands at supermarkets.?Among the most prominent clients I've worked with are: Repsol, Cruz Roja Española, Grupo Mahou & San Miguel, Mº de Sanidad, Mº del Interior, Comunidad de Madrid, MásMóvil, Grupo Félix Solís, No+Vello, Citifinancial, MINI or Universal Music.

Nowadays my tasks are to design screen interfaces and prepare documentation and resources for the development team. And everything with agile methodologies as Scrum.
Some of the clients I am working for are Monsanto, BBVA, Banco Sabadell, Repsol, Cepsa or Affinity.

The two virtues that define me better are my curiosity and desire to learn new things. Because of this and to focus my career on interaction design I have completed a mobile application design course (UX / UI, HTML5 and JavaScript) and another about iOS coding.

About my outside the profession skills, I am passionate about the original version (I speak English fluently), a tireless sportsman, beginner motorbiker and possessing an encyclopedic knowledge of The Simpsons.

See you soon,

Álvaro Calvente.